Westlands Drive, Oxford

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  • Construction Date

    April 2018

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  • Duration

    60 weeks

21 New Flats, Oxford

This scheme was for the design and construction of 21 flats, constructed within an existing estate on the outskirts of Oxford City.

The site footprint was fairly restricted, being constrained by neighbouring properties to two sides and the busy spine road to the estate on the other two boundaries.

The design to the property was subject to extensive review with the Client and the designs of the walkway bridge between the two blocks, and the central roof coverings were rationalised in order to provide the most cost-effective solution, and compliance with the requirements of the fire engineer.

Our structural solution was a traditional masonry construction, using precast floor planks to the suspended floors and roof. Structural steel members were used for the central walkway.

The balconies were required by the Client to be a cantilevered design, without supporting columns and this was achieved through tying into the steel members used in the frame, developing a similar detail used by our team on a previous project.

The infusion of colours on the balconies provides a modern and unique  appeal to the development.

The flats were all rental properties, and we delivered the properties to meet the bespoke specification requirements for the tenure outlined within the Employers Requirements.

Feltham Construction designed and constructed the works in accordance with NRIA standards.