Working With Us

As a constantly growing and expanding business, we carefully consider our impacts on our clients and our suppliers. While Feltham Construction is a significant supplier to private and public sector clients, we also appreciate our role as a buyer and customer to many other companies. We believe that local economies are important, and that as an organisation in the Southern counties we have a responsibility to foster local people and companies. With our Head Office in the heart of Berkshire, we are truly local, and we regularly employ local people and businesses to help us deliver our projects. Customer focus is the foundation of our business. On many projects we go beyond our customers’ expectations, helping them unlock value with innovative approaches to construction, sustainability and service delivery, and our Supply Chain is key in maintaining this trustworthy name and reputable partnership with others. We pride ourselves on open and honest relationships, based on mutual respect and trust and we develop the same long lasting relationships with our suppliers as we do with our clients, building strategic partnerships where everyone works together with a shared commitment and common goals. If you are interested in joining our supply chain, please complete and send to us a copy of the below form.