Victoria House, Cheltenham

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  • Construction Date

    October 2016

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  • Duration

    45 weeks

Victoria House is a Grade II listed building first registered in 1955.

Located in St James’ Square in Cheltenham, the building was formly offices which has been converted into 8 new luxury residential apartments.

Constructed between 1834-1850 , Victoria House was situated within the Old Town character area, it lay between the old town conservation areas. Within the existing principal rooms at Victoria House, there were a number of assets which would be preserved, such as cornices, doors and skirting. The client’s approach was to improve the design of the rooms to help preserve some of the historic elements which had been previously compromised by past users.

Feltham fully appreciated and understood the historic sentiment of the building, as a result of this the company employed specialist subcontractors to carry out specific works that complimented and maintained the historic elements of the building, as well as the surrounding local areas. Feltham also implemented strict polices to ensure the historic aspects of the building were not compromised.