Clapcot Way, Wallingford

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    July 2018

  • Category


  • Value


  • Duration

    47 weeks

10 New Houses

The project involved of the erection of 10 new build houses. comprising of 6, 2 bed houses ,3, 3 bed houses and 1 larger 3 bed house, all for social rent.

The 6, 2 bed houses comprised of 75.6m2

3, 3 bed houses at 87.7m2 and finally the 1, 3 bed house covered 102.8m2.

Works also included the construction of a new access road, landscaping and connection to all mains services from Clapcot Way.

The scope also included the demolition of the existing 3, single storey, former youth club buildings which previously stood on the site.

Clapcot Way is a relatively narrow, built up neighborhood with resident’s vehicles parked on the road. Space on site was very limited. Plant and equipment movement was planned in advance and the use of a banksmen was also implemented, utilised for reversing and vehicles movements onto the public highway.

The planned programme was spilt into two phases, covering demolition and construction. The demolition stage started in November 2016, with the new build construction phase commencing on site in March 2017.