St Pauls Girls School Masterplan, West London

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    April 2025

  • Category


  • Duration

    166 Weeks

The project will be delivered in phases. Firstly, the existing Rosalind Franklin Building will be demolished and re-built as the Centre for Design & Innovation. This new building will link with the Mercers’ Building which will be renovated also as part of the Centre for Design & Innovation. A covered link to the school’s Grade II listed Main Building will also be constructed. The redevelopment will provide a dedicated space for new and emerging technologies, offering students an immersive studio and fabrication and maker-space facilities.

The next phase will see development on the Eastern side of the school’s listed Main Building, with the erection of a three-storey new central Staff Hub, which replaces the existing Forum Building. The project will provide modern open plan staff work areas and administrative offices, freeing up space in the Main Building to re-develop the Eastern wing of the Main Building. A covered link will also be constructed between the new building and the existing Main Building.

Internal alterations will be made to the kitchens to aid the delivery processes.

Glulam and CLT form the majority of the superstructures.