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Environmental Awareness

Feltham Construction manages environmental issues in accordance with the Company’s Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001:2015. Management and control of waste is a high priority with Feltham Construction and the Company Policy ensures that the issue is addressed with a robust system through all key stages of a project.

A materials control process will be in place to ensure that all materials delivered to site are accepted, handled and stored in an appropriate manner, minimising damage, and therefore subsequent wastage. The controls process will also ensure that where practical, any transport packaging can be returned with the delivery vehicle for reuse or recycling.

As part of our ISO 14001 Environmental Management system, site based environmental impacts are assessed on a project specific basis, and targets set for continual improvement. This will include site consumption of electricity and gas, together with water usage, the use of sub metering being the most common recording method.

The data is collected and presented by way of our weekly site reporting system, and the data generated translates into trend graphics which is made available to the client team for monitoring and also for internal reporting purposes.

The same process also covers any related offsite activities such as offsite manufacture where appropriate, as well as the CO² emissions arising from transport of deliveries to site.

To view our Environmental Statement please click on the link below

Environmental Statement